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Do not be afraid of slow moments.  Yung Pueblo

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Even in this age of technology, we here at The Redwood find that the library continues to be a great source of social activity and knowledge.  That is why we have teamed up with the Yountville Friends of the Library (the Head Lumberjack’s hometown…) to bring that library experience to you.  Throughout our lobby and in the Cubicle you will find books and more books.  Most of our books have been purchased from the Yountville Friends of the Library book sales. Choose this package and we will donate $10.00 to the Yountville Friends of the Library, which helps to support our small, local library.  Plus you will get to take away one of my favorite books, The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring Richard Preston.  Of course, parking the wifi and breakfast are included.  Thank you for helping with this great cause
•  In The Wild Trees, Richard Preston unfolds the spellbinding story of Steve Sillett, Marie Antoine, and the tiny group of daring botanists and amateur naturalists that found a lost world above California, a world that is dangerous, hauntingly beautiful, and unexplored.
•  The Friends of the Yountville Library have been assisting the Yountville Branch Library for over 20 years.  Through the sale of library discards and gently-used book donations, funds are raised to benefit our local branch library. 

Dogs Love Trees

Like to travel with your pet? We love traveling with our pets… and pets love The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel.

Can’t argue, dogs love trees!  Bring your dog to Humboldt County to enjoy our hospitality. We will inform you as soon as possible if we run out of pet-friendly rooms.


row of 5 brown lunchbags in front of gray background

Just like your childhood, grabbing your lunchbox and heading out for the day. Let The Redwood pack your lunch. Checking out? Avenue of the Giants? Beach day? Sandwich, chips, local apple, sparkling water and even a chocolate surprise! We can pack your meal for you and have it available at check-out or as a mid-stay lunch… just let us know. We will give you your choices and have your meal ready for you.  We take care of the meal… the sites and stops are up to you!

Our team will take your order at check in.  Pick up your lunchbox between 8:30 am and noon.