Drive Thru Trees

You’re in luck if you want to drive, ride, or walk through a tree because The Redwood Riverwalk is close to three famous drive-thru redwoods. The Chandelier Tree, Shrine Tree, and Tour Thru Tree in Klamath accept visitors throughout the year, but check our summaries below for seasonal info and other details related to park amenities.

Drive thru chandelier tree

As you would probably guess, the National Park Service no longer allows creating “tunnels” in trees for promotional purposes, but visitors are free to drive through one of the few remaining survivors. First up on our list is the most famous of all drive-thru trees, the Chandelier Tree.

Located in Leggett, the Chandelier Tree is exactly 71 miles south of the motel. Named after the three massive branches sprawling-out like giant chandelier arms, this tree was carved in the 1930’s by Charlie Underwood and sits in the privately-owned grove “Underwood Park”. Open daily 9:00-5:30, the Chandelier Tree would be the best option for those driving trucks or SUV’s as it has the widest tunnel of all the drive-thru trees. As you’ll see in the amenities summary below, there’s also plenty of parking for large vehicles.

  • Chandelier Tree Amenities: gift shop, trails, duck pond, picnic area, restrooms, motorhome, and bus parking.
  • Chandelier Tree Address: 67402 Drive Thru Tree Rd, Leggett, CA 95585
  • Chandelier Tree Contacts: 707-925-6464, website
  • Entrance Fees: Yes

Even closer to The Redwood Riverwalk is the Shrine Drive Thru Tree in Meyer’s Flat. Only 30 minutes south of the motel (32.1 miles), its found at the world famous Avenue of the Giants. Originally hollowed-out by fire, the tunnel was later widened to allow horse-pulled wagons to pass through. Although compact cars will have no issue driving through the Shrine, larger trucks and SUVs will need to sit this one out. This attraction is closed during the winter season, so we recommend contacting the owners using the number below to confirm.

  • Shrine Drive Thru Tree Amenities: Children’s Step-Thru Stump, Drive-On Log, Tree House Village, Rings of History, gift shop
  • Shrine Drive Thru Tree Address: 13078 California State Route 254 Myers Flat, 95554
  • Shrine Drive T Tree Contacts: 707-943-1975, website
  • Entrance Fees: Yes

Those visiting us from the north will want to make a stop in Klamath for the Tour Thru Tree. Located just over 82 miles (90 minutes) from The Redwood Riverwalk, this quick “one and done” diversion lacks trails, gift shops, or amenities of any kind. Carved in the mid 70’s this tunnel tree is still alive and continues to grow. Larger than the Shrine Drive Thru Tree, most vehicles (with review mirrors turned-in) will be able to make it through the Tour Thru Tree without issue.

  • Tour Thru Tree Amenities: tree only, no amenities
  • Tour Thru Tree Address: 430 CA-169, Klamath, CA 95548
  • Tour Thru Tree Contacts: 707-482-0227, website
  • Entrance Fees: Yes

Enjoy your trip and feel free to contact us for directions to The Redwood Riverwalk Boutique Motel at 707-725-5500.


Image: Public Domain

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