Your Guide to Street Art in Eureka CA

Webster defines art as an “expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” Street art takes that expression and applies it literally out on the streets, on the sides of buildings, in alleyways, or wherever the artist can create. They’re imaginatively and skillfully created, so we’ve prepared your guide to street art in Eureka, CA.

“Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint.”
— Banksy

Street art is actually celebrated annually with the Eureka Street Art Festival (ESAF). Its mission is to “create intentional, accessible art that enlivens public spaces, stimulates community revitalization, and attracts visitors to Eureka.” These murals are a unique and vibrant expression of artists, both locally and internationally. It is worth planning a trip to walk the streets of this quaint village.

Celebrating Eureka’s Murals

Although the streets of Eureka have displayed murals for quite a few years, the first ESAF occurred in the summer of 2018. The previous year, two British artists, Dan Kitchener (aka DANK) and Duncan Jago (aka Mr. Jago) were commissioned to create murals. It was fascinating to see that watching the actual creation of the murals was just as interesting to onlookers as the finished piece. The ESAF was born out of that experience. Now, as the organizers prepare each year’s festival, a different section of the city is chosen to be transformed.

To help emerging local street artists, the ESAF has also developed a Mural Apprentice Program. It is designed to help Humboldt County’s own local artists gain exposure as they develop their art careers. It’s a great way to encourage our own artists and help them gain momentum in their business.

Each year, as the festival draws to a close, everyone is invited to a huge block party to celebrate the completion of the new murals. There’s live music, food, and a walking tour that highlights each new creation. It’s an event that celebrates art and gives back to the community with the income from the tourists that flock in to join the fun.

The ESAF is also concerned with maintaining the beauty of each mural. Some of the funds gained during the festival are designated toward their upkeep. Although graffiti is something that every city faces, there is a level of respect shown for the artists who created these murals. They have truly revitalized the community.

Eureka’s Mural Tour Map

You could literally spend days walking the streets looking at all the murals. However, we’d like to be your guide to street art in Eureka, CA. So we’re going to share a variety of options with you.

Here is a great interactive map you can use to see all the public art available. We also have specific maps for each of the murals produced during the ESAF events.

Finally, here are just a few more of Eureka’s murals we’d like to highlight.

  • The Firehouse Alarm and Horse-Drawn Fire Wagon is located between 3rd and O Streets on the side of House Co. No. 4. Painted by C.R. Spicer.
  • The Murray Field Vintage 1930 is located on 4th between L & M Streets. It’s painted by local artist Duane Flatmo and displays the 1930s small-craft airport with a vintage airplane.
  • The Animals Are People Too is located at 905 4th Street on the sidewall of the Courthouse Market. It was a collaboration of Duane Flatmo and students from the Rural Burl Mural Bureau.
  • The Arkley Performing Arts mural is on a wall across from the Arkley Center of Performing Arts on G Street between 4th and 5th Streets. Some of the features artist Randy Spicer included are ballet, William Shakespeare, and a jazz artist playing the trumpet.
  • Indian Island – The Sun Set Twice on the People celebrates the Wiyot people and is located at 612 F Street between 6th and 7th Streets. This mural was painted by Alme Allen and Brian Tripp.
  • The Bucksport Murals, painted by Duane Flatmo, are on the Bucksport Sporting Goods store at 3650 Broadway. It depicts images of rugged terrain, mountain men, and some things they encounter in nature.
  • Old Time Gas Station with Customers is located on the wall of Finnegan and Nason Auto Supply at 2737 F Street. It’s a great mural of yesteryear also painted by Duane Flatmo.

The Redwood Riverwalk’s Murals

All of us at The Redwood Riverwalk also celebrate art and our Northern California culture with several murals in and around our motel. Our love for our art community inspired us to create your guide to street art in Eureka, CA. When you plan your getaway to experience these amazing murals, we would love to host your stay and help make it an unforgettable experience.

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