Humboldt’s Largest Drive-In Screen in Decades

Drive-in movie theaters, a heart-warming symbol of the past when family and friends grouped together in cars to take in a show (or two), while enjoying snacks and beverages from the comfort of their car or pick-up truck. While America has seen a gradual resurgence of drive-in theaters, especially in response to COVID-19, Humboldt County has been waiting. In fact, Humboldt’s last remaining sign of a drive-in was the once popular Midway Drive-In in Eureka, which offered space for up to 450 cars to enjoy nightly entertainment from 1951-1986. Today, all that remains is a rusty skeleton of a screen near Highway 101 and the Indianola Cutoff. Until now… We’re excited to announce the return of Humboldt’s largest drive-in screen in decades at Redwood Acres in Eureka.

Drive-In Movies at Redwood Acres

While many movie companies across the US resorted to using inflatable screens in response to the pandemic, Big Picture Movies offers an impressive 45-foot screen that is not inflatable and does not bend in the wind, which contorts the picture. They also use FM transmitter sound and offer tasty food truck catering. Big Picture Movies also announced that they have the ability to connect dual screens on both sides of their metal truss drive-in rig, which will allow up to 200 cars when COVID restrictions are lifted. Thanks to the efforts of Big Picture Movies, residents and visitors can safely drive up for a night of cinema and snacks. 

Summer Movies 2021

While the future of this drive-in is only ensured through the 2021 season, there is hope that the drive-in will be here to stay. Time will tell. For now, visit Big Picture Movies to see what’s playing. Opening weekend, they featured two popular, family-friendly movies of yesterday: Back to the Future and UP. This summer, you can enjoy hit films like: Wonder Woman 1984 with Gal Gadot; News of the World starring Tom Hanks; and Doolitte featuring Robert Downey Jr., just to name a few. 

Be sure to secure a parking spot to take in a show this summer and a cozy room to return to at The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel. We’re located just 26 minutes from the Redwood Acres via Highway 101, as well as the plethora of area attractions and activities along California’s famed Redwood Coast.

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