5 Benefits of Booking Directly with a Hotel

Once upon a time, travelers were encouraged to surf the Internet in order to find the least expensive rates for lodging. Then, along came OTAs (online travel agencies), all vying for your booking. The competition grew heavier, with even Google entering the race, offering plenty of lower-cost options for travelers. However, the world soon realized that the lowest rates did not necessarily provide the best option, not for travelers nor hotels, especially smaller, locally-owned lodging properties. As a result, there has been a growing book direct movement to educate travelers and lodging property owners. Even if you pay a little more, the benefits far outweigh the sometimes minimal cost difference. Here are 5 benefits of booking directly with a hotel or lodging property.

1) Booking Direct Helps Support Small Business 

As the power of OTAs grows, so does the impact on the pocket books of smaller lodging properties. OTAs charge a heavy commission fee, which can have a negative impact financially on hotels and lodging properties, especially smaller ones. With each OTA booking, the impact increases. However, as more travelers learn about this negative impact and start booking direct, naturally the opposite happens. Hotels and lodging properties like ours, The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel in Fortuna, CA, don’t have to pay heavy commissions to OTAs. This helps businesses stay in business and continue to grow, playing an important role in the travel industry as well as in our local communities. 

2) Booking Direct Can Offer the Lowest Rate 

Many times, when the property owner has the ability to set their own room rates, they are able to offer a lower rate than the OTAs, or at least match the lowest rate being offered. This is especially true because they don’t have to pay out heavy commissions. If you find a lower rate via an OTA, reach out to the hotel or lodging property and ask what they can offer. Chances are, they’ll be able to work with you. Here at The Redwood, you will always get the best rate and best experience by booking direct – guaranteed. If you find a lower rate, call us at 707-725-5500, tell us where you found the lower rate, and we’ll match it. PLUS, we’ll throw in an additional 10% discount. 

3) Booking Direct Can Provide More Amenities & Incentives 

OTAs are limited in what they can offer travelers since they are a 3rd-party representative. That means, while you may receive a lower rate, you lose out on some important amenities and incentives. For example, would you rather save $20/night or receive amenities and perks like flexible cancellation or rescheduling, beach umbrellas and chairs, deluxe breakfast options, return-guest loyalty offers, free WiFi, free parking, specials and packages, etc.? At The Redwood Hotel, we can offer an extra bed, move you to a different floor, and help you with special requests, all because you are a direct guest of The Redwood versus a 3rd-party OTA. What’s more, when you book directly with us, you receive your choice of: 1) 5% Cash Back, 2) 5% Cash for a Cause, or 3) 15% Cash Forward to use towards future travel. PLUS, if you bring your four-legged dog friend, we will waive the $25 pet fee.

4) Booking Direct Allows for More Flexibility 

LIfe happens. When it does, it can interfere with our travel plans. When you book with an OTA, you are at the mercy of their policies, which may not offer the flexibility that you need. However, when you book directly with a hotel or lodging property, the staff can work with you one-on-one to help you reschedule your travel plans. Need to cancel? Property owners can often offer you a voucher for a later stay. Our staff at The Redwood Hotel are happy to work with our traveling guests when unexpected events arise. 

5) Booking Direct Means Better Communication 

As an OTA customer, no matter where you book your room, you have to go through the OTA to communicate your needs or requests. This is where the benefits of booking direct really shine. Regardless of what you need, be it a toothbrush, an extra bed, a change in reservation, an additional guest, an add-on, etc., you can easily communicate with the property via email, phone, texting, or online chat. Here at The Redwood Hotel, you can communicate with us by calling 707-725-5500.

As you can see, the benefits of booking directly with a hotel far outweigh going through an OTA. Here at The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel, we strive to satisfy every guest. In fact, we’re not happy until you’re happy. So contact us by phone or email with your travel requests and needs. Or simply book online to reserve your dates. We look forward to serving you by the famed Redwood Coast in Fortuna, California. 

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