Why Eco-Friendly Travel and Lodging Is Important

The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel is determined to challenge the status-quo in travel – we want to be on the forefront of sustainable lodging and have taken steps to provide our guests with exceptional service and amenities while still keeping our commitment to the environment. Keep reading to learn more about why Eco-friendly travel and lodging is important.

Travel is problematic when it comes to environmental responsibility – getting to almost anywhere requires the use of fossil fuels, then eating on the fly can contribute to waste with unnecessary packaging – and how many mini-bottles of shampoo does one person really need? At the same time, no one wants to be told they can’t take a hot shower and that their room has been cleaned with less-than-effective cleaning agents.

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We believe that lodging can be responsible without being sterile, and are working towards reducing our carbon footprint every day. In our lobby remodel, we used reclaimed, reused, and recycled materials whenever possible. We don’t allow smoking in our rooms – it’s not healthy for anyone. We participate in the hotel recycling program with the city of Fortuna, and have instituted an in-room recycling program.  We have replaced single-use toiletries with spa-quality dispensers in our rooms, which cuts down enormously on plastic waste.

When it comes to cleaning, you won’t have to be concerned that you will come in contact with toxic substances. We utilize 100% chemical-free housekeeping, depending on methods other than noxious products to keep you safe – an innovative Stabilized Aqueous Ozone system by Tersano sanitizes all surfaces, and linen is dried at 200℉. We won’t automatically replace your bedding every day – we let you decide.

We also take steps to keep food packaging waste at bay by using post-consumer recycled paper products and bio-degradable corn products in our room and breakfast service – eliminating Styrofoam and individual packaging. This is a double strike in reducing landfill waste.

You can feel good abut staying with us – you’ll know you’re collaborating with a TripAdvisor-certified Green Leader Hotel, while experiencing top-notch hospitality and service in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

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