Haunting Places to Visit

The friendly city of Fortuna, home of The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel, is also right around the corner from some of NorCal’s favorite locales assumed by some to be visited by “former residents,” especially around Halloween. Ferndale, Arcata, and Eureka are some of our so-called haunting places to visit near Fortuna, CA.

Bidwell Park

Our hometown of Fortuna is no slouch when it comes to mischievous spirits, as several denizens of the netherworld have been spotted lurking around the old Bidwell Park near the Rolling Rink. Rumor has it that one of Fortuna’s older apartment complexes was built on ancient Native American burial grounds. And those of us who were scared out of our wits by the movie “Poltergeist” know all too well what happens when you build houses on top of sacred grounds. Fortunately, you can return to your “safe” room at The Redwood Hotel, where the only visitors you might encounter are living, and most likely one of our friendly staff delivering your purchase of beer or wine!

Victorian Village of Ferndale

Charming by day, the quaint Victorian Village of Ferndale also reportedly has several ectoplasmic denizens scattered about town. At the St. Mary’s Cemetery, the ghost of a girl named Sarah Miller is known to pop by occasionally. Hanged in 1870 for supposedly being a witch, she can be seen wandering the grounds at night. Purportedly three black dogs haunt this graveyard, chasing people out of the cemetery, then disappearing. Also in Ferndale, the spirit of Bertha Russ-Lytel resides at the Ferndale Repertory Theatre, which is in a building once used to show silent films, host vaudeville acts and the like. Bertha likes to play pranks on the living, interfering with the phone system and sometimes making it difficult for the living to exit the restroom!


The nearby town of Eureka seems to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, reportedly one of the most haunted towns on the West Coast. A house West Henderson Street seems to be plagued by strange sounds and noises, unlike the typical creaking of an old house. Stories have been told about ghosts in the Eureka Theater and in the Eureka High School auditorium, among many other events. You can take a paranormal journey back through time to see for yourself, and learn about Eureka’s hauntingly bawdy past on one of their walking tours.

Arcata’s Haunting Attractions

Arcata has some ghostly activity of its own. A house on the corner of 14th and H formerly known as the Whaley House is one of the oldest homes in Arcata (built in 1855/relocated in 1910), and there have been reports of a male “guest” at the home who is somewhat well-to-do given that he has pressed trousers and “shiny” loafers. Right around the corner at the former North Country Clinic on the corner of 16th and H  has some history of ghostly activity, particularly incidents of the living being recipients of an ectoplasmic “shove in the back”.

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