Nature Lover’s Guide to Seeing Norcal’s Coast by Motorcycle

According to Merriam-Webster, a “nature lover” is someone who thrives on spending time in the outdoors observing wild animals and plants. Likewise, their definition of “biker” is someone who rides a motorcycle or a bicycle. Can bikers be nature lovers and vice versa? Absolutely! The Nature Lover’s Guide to Seeing Norcal’s Redwood Coast by Motorcycle begins right here in nature-rich Humboldt County, with roadways sought after by motorcycle aficionados everywhere.


Humboldt County, home of the world’s oldest and tallest trees, is located on California’s far North Coast, about 200 miles north of San Francisco. A mecca for nature lovers and an ecological hub, Humboldt County is a mix of quaint Victorian towns and eclectic cities; unique fishing villages; abundant vineyards, and a breathtaking coastline that seems to run forever. Surfers are well aware of our great surfing on the Lost Coast. And bikers know that we have the best bike rides in the state, along with the longest stretch of “wild coast” in the continental US. The fall months, especially October, are great months for biking as the weather is summer-like, with clear skies and average daytime temps in the mid-60’s. A bonus is the spectacular autumn foliage weaving various shades of red, orange and yellow along your ride.

Here are some recommended scenic rides which you, your nature-loving self, and your bike will enjoy:

Highway 36, Fortuna 

Our Fortuna location makes the Redwood Riverwalk Hotel an ideal base camp for your stay, and a great starting point for this ride. Known as the “ultimate ride” by purists, and rated among the 10 best rides in the state, this 100-plus mile stretch from Fortuna to Red Bluff is known for amazing curves, road condition, breathtaking mountain scenery and limited vehicular traffic.

Highway 299, Eureka

A great ride of approximately 127 miles beginning in Eureka and traveling westward through Humboldt, Trinity and Shasta Counties, ending in the town of Redding, this trip has 5-star curves and scenery, superb road  surface and very little vehicular traffic.Old Town Eureka is a bike-friendly place, and hosts the annual Bikes By the Bay every summer along the Old Town waterfront. 

Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway, Orick

43 miles north of Eureka on Highway 101 sits the old lumber mill town of Orick, which serves as the gateway to the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway, a scenic 10 mile drive winding through old-growth redwoods in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. 

The Lost Coast, Weott and Ferndale

A collection of roads and loops emanating westward from Highway 101, this trip includes a 100 mile loop on Mattole Road from Weott through old-growth redwoods in Rockefeller Forest. At the edge of the Lost Coast, if you head north you will climb the aptly named “Wall to the Wildcat” featuring awesome ocean views, ending in the Victorian village of Ferndale. *Portions of this ride travel rough roads and are recommended for experienced bikers.

Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwood State Park, Weott

This is an ideal leisurely ride, and a great way to wind down after some of the more intense curves and rough surfaces of other rides. Beginning in Weott, the Avenue of the Giants is a 30-mile portion of old Highway 101 that meanders along towering redwoods within Humboldt Redwood State Park. Various trailheads and access roads, along with plenty of areas for picnicking, hiking, swimming, fishing, or rafting make this a super biker-nature lover trip.

After a day (or more) on the road, you will relish your stay at The Redwood Hotel in Fortuna, CA. We offer eco-friendly and smoke-free lodging near some amazing Northern California attractions in the heart of the redwoods.

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