Redwoods: Tallest Trees in the World Are in Humboldt County

Here in Northern California, or “NorCal,” we are very passionate about Sequoia sempervirens, aka the giant redwoods. We named our hotel after them, The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel. When you consider their lifespan. which averages between 500-700 years, the trees have bragging rights. In other words, it’s pretty clear they were here before us, and they’ll be here after us! They rank among the tallest trees in the world, and you’ll find some in our backyard. First, a little backstory:

Why Do They Live So Long?

One of the reasons the redwoods have such longevity is the fact that they are a hardy species. Redwoods also gain much benefit from tannins, which are complex chemical substances found in many species of plants from all climates and all parts of the globe. Tannins help to protect the redwood trees, shielding them from typical arboreal diseases as well as wood-boring insects. Also, the thick fibrous composition of redwood bark makes them very fire-resistant.

Why Are They So Tall?

The redwoods’ tremendous height can be attributed partly to the Northern California climate. With mild temperatures year-round and abundant rain and moisture, the conditions are extremely favorable for growth in width as well as height. Some trees exceed 300 feet, and a select few approach 400 feet in height.

Where Is the Tallest Tree?

The undisputed winner of the “Tallest Tree Contest” is a tree nicknamed “Hyperion,” located in The Redwoods National & State Park in Humboldt County. In order to protect the tree from vandalism, its exact location has not been revealed. Discovered in 2006, this gentle giant is nearly 380 feet tall. As a frame of reference, 380 feet is roughly the equivalent of 1-1/4 football fields. How does that measure up to some well-known landmarks? Hyperion is:

  • 75 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty (305 feet from base to top)
  • 69 feet shorter than the Great Pyramid of Giza (449 feet)
  • 168 feet shorter than Philadelphia’s City Hall (548 feet including the 37-foot statue of William Penn at the top
  • 175 feet shorter than the Washington Monument (555 feet)

Formerly the world’s tallest tree until the discovery of Hyperion, Helios is now the second tallest tree, measuring 374.3 feet, also located in Redwoods National & State Park.

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