Pet-Friendly Travel in Fortuna CA

With California and Humboldt County just weeks away from re-opening, it’s time to start planning a trip to visit our majestic neighbors and star attraction, the giant Redwoods. The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel would like nothing more than to be your partner in planning your excursion. We have room for you, your family, and your extended family too. Ah, but your family includes a four-legged member of uncertain ancestry (a “mutt” in other words)? Well, you have come to the right place. The Redwood Hotel provides for exceptional pet-friendly travel in Fortuna, CA.

We welcome you and your four-legged family member to stay with us in one of our pet-friendly rooms. In fact, we’ve arranged for our fabulous resident Chihuahua, Stella, to chime in with her perspective periodically. Ready Stella? (“Woof”) Okay, here we go…chihuahua with brown eyes and fur, white muzzle and eyebrowsand white chi

First and foremost, (from the human perspective) our Redwood Coast is dog-friendly, offering an abundance of hiking trails that make redwood forest exploration a treat, and our idyllic beaches are perfect for a splash in the Pacific Ocean.

Stella adds, “We (dogs) are so into attention. Remember, it’s ‘me, me, me and ME’. And we have even shorter attention spans than you do. We like simplicity. As few words as possible. Walk? Yup. Forest? Super. ‘Walk’ and ‘Forest’ in one phrase? OMG, I can’t wait.”

In one of our previous blogs, we mentioned Fortuna’s Eel River Overlook and Riverwalk, which are convenient to The Redwood. We think this two-mile stroll is great for both people and canines, especially considering that you may encounter assorted wildlife, such as Blue Heron, osprey, river otters and deer.

Stella: “Now that’s a little bland, dontcha think? Hello people, we are dogs. Action is where it’s at. Here’s my take: Run! Run! Run! (‘Sit Stella, sit. Good Girl’) Oh, a treat! Yes I’m a good girl! Oooo, look, a bird! Holy cow! Chase, chase, chase!” (Editor’s note: while we love and appreciate Stella’s enthusiasm, we strongly recommend that you do not let your dog chase or harass wildlife.)

We also believe that dogs love trees, and you’ll find redwood forest trails nearly everywhere, from our state parks to Rohner Park in downtown Fortuna, which is located only two miles from The Redwood. Please note that our state parks have rules regarding dogs, especially leash requirements and trail access, so be sure to check with the park before you visit.

Stella opines that, “Okay, that’s all well and good. I was a very good student in obedience training, so I will obey the rules. But, dude, seriously, Fortuna has its own dog park less than a mile from the Redwood with plenty of space, water, toys and lots of room for me to run (remember it’s all about ME). Can we go there please? Please?”

On our website, we also have a downloadable map that shows all the ‘wild places’ you can explore with your dog in Humboldt County, including information about dog regulations on different trails and at different parks and beaches. We also recommend checking out Trail Link for more information about dog-friendly trails in Humboldt County.

Stella: “I’m bored. What else ya got? Oooh, man, I gotta scratch my ear…”

Even though we freely acknowledge that dogs rule everything, The Redwood does have a few “pet rules” to which we respectfully ask our canine visitors to adhere. In order to keep Stella engaged in the conversation, we are not going to list all the rules, but you can read them here on our Pet Policy page.

Just know that your canine family members can expect the same comfort and service as our human guests. Please call us directly at (707) 725-5500 to book a pet-friendly hotel room or book online!

Stella: “Good job. Although you forgot to mention that I have an advanced ‘pet-degree’ in canine hospitality (Sheesh. This is why I have to oversee everything here). Hey, Rover, I’ll have a ‘goody bag’ with your name on it when you check in. SYLA! (Texting, yup I’m good at it.)”

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