Being Green and Keeping You Safe At The Redwood

close-up view of blue underwater bubblesFor all of us, life as we know it has been upended seemingly overnight by virtue of COVID-19, aka coronavirus. Given the constant drumbeat of news 24/7, the situation can be overwhelming. As a result, the easiest way to process everything can sometimes be simply to tune it out. However, we encourage you to visit the CDC for pertinent information as well as your local health authorities.

As Humboldt County’s TripAdvisor-certified GreenLeader Hotel, we pride ourselves on our environmental stewardship and green business practices. We are especially proud of our choice in cleaning and sanitizing methods: Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) using the patented Tersano system. SAO™ is a simpler, safer, more sustainable way to clean and sanitize hard surfaces. 

According to Steve Hengsperger, President of Tersano, the Tersano system’s effectiveness in disinfection and sanitization is so well-regarded that the chief medical officer at the main hospital in Wuhan, China ordered 300 of Tersano’s iClean™ mini system and 20 SAO dispensers for use in the hospital for sanitizing and disinfection. 

What Exactly Is Stabilized Aqueous Ozone?

Without making you relive nightmares of science class, here is an explanation in simpler terms: the Tersano system infuses cold tap water with ozone to create safe, high-performing stabilized aqueous ozone.

Being Green and Keeping You Safe:

This amazing system:

  • Eliminates germs, odors, stains, mold, and mildew.
  • Quickly kills viruses and bacteria including E. coli, salmonella, MRSA and more*.
  •  Is safe and effective with no toxins, carcinogens, or chemical residue.
  • Converts safely back to tap water and oxygen.
  •  Has been certified safe by the top regulatory bodies around the world.

*Kills 99.999% of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus within a 60-second contact time.

By converting from traditional general purpose chemical cleaners to Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO), Redwood Riverwalk Hotel plays a part in keeping gallons of toxic chemicals from being emptied into landfill, ground water, streams, and rivers.

Following Guidelines:

Redwood Riverwalk continues to monitor and follow the recommendations and guidelines of our local, state and federal governments as well as our local health authorities so we can provide our guests with the best service while prioritizing the safety of our guests and our staff.

Your Next Visit:

Our central location serves as the ideal base camp to visit the many state parks and enjoy other outdoor activities in Humboldt County, including visiting our friends, the giant redwoods. As your independent hotel choice in Fortuna, we strive to give “boutique hotel” service and exceptional hospitality. We are 100% non-smoking, pets are welcome, and all rooms feature queen or king-size beds. And with our best-rate guarantee, you will always get the best rate by booking direct with us!

If you need to travel at this time, we are here for you. Call us at 707 725 5500 or book online.

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