Reason to Visit Northern California Redwood Riverwalk Hotel: The Mural Art

Murals are very much a part of the fabric of many cities and towns in America. Not only are murals a very integral part of Humboldt County, they also play a prominent role on our property. In fact, our beautiful and unique mural art is just one of many reasons to visit our Northern California Redwood Riverwalk Hotel. We not only have murals in the lobby, pool area, and stairwells, but even outdoors with our recently added exterior mural in 2019 on the south side of the building, created by local mural artist Joshua Martel.

Within the Hotel

The mural in the lobby is an exquisite map of the North Coast complete with legends and symbols. Around the corner in the game area is a tribute to the town of Fortuna in true vintage postcard style. The pool area mural pays homage to the giant redwoods. Humboldt’s topography, ancient forests, lumber camps, and the daily life of the Native American Weott tribe are also interwoven into the mural designs.

The recent exterior mural addition was the site of a logo for what was formerly a Holiday Inn Express. Mr. Martel’s unique application of metallic paint in the mural adds depth and increases the mural’s visibility to motorists as well as foot traffic.

mural of trees

About Mural Art

Murals are one of civilization’s oldest art forms, dating back to cave paintings found in Borneo created around 40,000-52,000 BP. Mural art has a colorful history in the United States; in particular, dating back to the 1930’s during the Great Depression. The Public Works of Art Project was created by Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal specifically to give artists an opportunity to get back into the workforce. 

Meet Joshua Martel – In His Own Words

“My name is Joshua Martel. I began painting murals when I was 18 years old; I am now 25, and I’ve painted across the United States, and shortly will do my first mural internationally. I’m heavily inspired by indigenous tribes from across the globe, specifically the coastal pacific northwest tribes. I’m also inspired by recreating beautiful moments in realism that a photo just can’t always capture. 

My goal with artwork is to spread a message to everyone who takes a moment to view. I want to inspire people to do what makes them happy, to live their best lives, and to never stop dreaming.” 

Joshua will be having his first gallery show in Los Angeles later in 2020. He can be reached at or at 208-771-0458.

Make your North Coast California vacation a great one with a stay at the Redwood Riverwalk Hotel. Take a hike – literally. You haven’t been on a hike until you have hiked among the “giants” in the forest. Enjoy a handcrafted brew from one of the area’s fantastic breweries, or take a trip to one of our area’s many wineries and sample a tasting. And when your day is done, relax in the comfort of your room, with free Wi-Fi and free HBO, knowing that our complimentary Lumberjack Breakfast awaits you in the morning. We are pet-friendly, so your dog can enjoy your vacation right alongside you! Book your stay online or call 707-725-5500 and enjoy all that Northern California and the Redwood Riverwalk Hotel have to offer.

hiking trail with huge redwood tree trunk in left foreground

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