#1 Lonely Planet Best Places List: CA Redwood Coast

California’s Redwood Coast is #1 on Lonely Planet’s Best Places To Visit In The U.S. In 2018.  The List highlights the top ten “underrated, rejuvenated and out-of-this-world spots” in the entire country. The secret’s out about all the fantastic places visitors can visit in our area around The Redwood Riverwalk Hotel in Fortuna, from the Avenue of the Giants to the Lost Coast and Humboldt Bay.

man in orange vest with arm around shoulder of woman in red looking up into canopy of redwoods - by TodoroffHere’s some of what Lonely Planet suggests. It promises you’ll explore a quieter side of California where visitors can:

  • Lose track of time exploring “scene-stealing backdrops from Hollywood blockbusters like Jurassic Park, E.T. and Star Wars”
  • Drive through forests of trees higher than the Statue of Liberty
  • Explore empty beaches, hidden coves, and the Lost Coast
  • Hike trails from easy to challenging in the Redwood National and State Parks, as well as the other state redwood parks
  • Discover seafood festivals, brewpubs, coffee roasters, and quirky shops
  • Spot migrating grey whales along the Pacific coast
  • Experience Stone Lagoon by kayak
  • Step back in history wandering through Old Town Eureka
  • Explore the Elk River and the spectacular Fern Canyon
  • To celebrate their Centennial and the 50th Anniversary of Redwood National Park this year, the Save the Redwoods League is offering free entry to the over 40 redwood state parks every second Saturday of each month.

View looking up at redwood canopy and blue sky Discover California’s Redwood Coast – Lonely Planet Best of US 2018These are just some of the many adventures in store for you along #1 California’s Redwood Coast. We know you’re now dreaming of your next vacation, so visit the Local Area section on our website to find out about things to do, events throughout the year, maps, and more. Then give us a call or go online to reserve your hotel stay. All of us look forward to hosting you at The Redwood! 

Photo and video courtesy of Humboldt Lodging Alliance

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