California Redwoods & North Coast

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State Parks & California Coast. Explore. And so much more!

Your adventure begins in the heart of the California redwoods, Humboldt County, home of Redwood National Park, the Avenue of the Giants, and more than 40 other parks, forests, reserves, and recreation areas, which together preserve half the world’s old growth giants.  Hiking, scenic drives, camping, biking, wildlife watching await among the big trees, along with more outdoor adventures like beach combing, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking and canopy tours.

Located on the far North Coast, about 200 miles north of San Francisco, you will discover Humboldt County. A nature-rich destination, Humboldt is home to the world’s oldest and tallest trees. These Redwoods are what bring many to this majestic area. Once amongst the giants, visitors will find a mix of charming cities filled with Victorian architecture; one-of-a-kind fishing and farming towns; mountainside vineyards, and miles of breathtaking coastline. We also have great surfing on the Lost Coast, hiking at the King Range Conservation Area, walks along the black Sands Beach and a stroll through “Old Town” Eureka. We’re an eclectic selection of Wine Spectator restaurants, quaint cafes with ocean views, a lumber company cookhouse and home to California’s oldest vineyards and farmers market. See Local Area for many more details!

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What to do in Humboldt County?

Birding in Humboldt County

Enjoy birding on California’s Northcoast. Humboldt County is host to a wide variety of birds. The beauty of the North Coast includes entrancing forest landscape and crashing ocean shores and also many, many bird species. There are at least 29 different bird species common to this area, in six major type categories. The North Coast has redwood forests, breathtaking seascapes and quiet beauty.  It’s a vacation destination known world wide — and it’s known to a lot of birds and bird watchers too! Click here for more Birding information.

Fishing in Humboldt County

There is abundant fishing on the North Coast. Certainly some of the best salmon fishing is found in Humboldt County, California. The salmon is known the world over and ours is the Pacific salmon which is quite different in taste and appearance from Atlantic salmon.  The salmon fishing season generally runs from April to November. Ocean season usually starts in the Shelter Cove area early followed by fishing out of Humboldt and Trinidad Bays in late spring. Click here for all the Humboldt Fishing details.

Fossil Hunting

Just minutes from The Redwood you can search for fossils. Scotia Bluffs contain evidence of earlier creatures and have been included on many blogs and forums for fossil hunting.  Be sure to bring a digging tool, water, backpack and good trail shoes. Head south on Hwy 101 take the Scotia exit. Right at the first stop sign, then a right at the second stop sign. Make an immediate right before crossing the bridge, go thru chain link gate, park near yellow gate. Now walk down the road and follow the railroad tracks to the right. In 20 minutes you will reach the big slide and wash out area. The higher you climb the more fossils you will see.


25 Things To Do in Humboldt County

This handy map has the details and directions for some of the best things to do and see on the Redwood Coast. Find out where the parks are and what towns to visit. Print this PDF for 25 great things to do in Humboldt County. Download PDF

Humboldt Bay Beaches & Dunes

The Humboldt Bay consists of a mix of private and public land ownership.  The rare and fragile habitats of the dunes offer unique opportunities for nature study, beachcombing, picnicking, hiking, and more.  This map highlights areas where you can enjoy the beaches and dunes with a description of services and facilities. Print this PDF to experience the Humboldt Coast. Download PDF


Humboldt State University

Located 25 miles north from The Redwood, Humboldt State is located in Arcata, California. Click here to learn more Humboldt State University.

College of the Redwoods

Serving approximately 5,000 full and part-time students. The College offers A.S. and A.A. degrees, as well as numerous certificate options.

Located 10 miles from The Redwood, College of the Redwoods is located in Eureka, California.  Click here to learn more College of the Redwood.